Each year, U.S. teachers work with millions of students to guide them from preschool through graduation. And teachers do more than simply teach; they motivate students, recognize and reward success, help students deal with problems with their classmates and even families, and so much more.

Many teachers make such an impact on students that they are never forgotten. When is the last time someone hesitated to respond when asked to talk about their favorite teacher?

We often discuss the ways teachers help students, but how much do you really know about what it takes to teach? We’ve summarized some powerful statistics to help define what it means to be a great teacher. Next time you talk to a teacher, make sure to thank them for everything they do!

Statistics on Teaching

There are many ways you can show your appreciation to and support your teachers, including donating school supplies or your time in the classroom. For fun ideas to show your appreciation for teachers, check out this post. Visit DonorsChoose.org and AdoptAClassroom.org for more ways to help.

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Laura Almozara

As a child, Laura spent a lot of time reading and telling stories, at one point reading a new book every day. She took that interest with her to college, where she studied English and journalism. She then started working in publishing and eventually made her way to edtech. As someone with several teachers in her family, Laura is excited to be a part of the Where Learning Clicks team, helping to provide innovative education tools to some of the people who need them most.