Virtual Learning and School Choice

With school choice on the horizon, many schools are wondering what they can do to keep student enrollments and stay competitive in a changing educational landscape.

Today’s students face far more obligations than just their classes; students work, support their families, and fulfill other responsibilities. Charter schools use virtual learning to offer students more flexibility and control over their learning than the traditional brick-and-mortar setting. But that doesn’t mean traditional public schools can’t offer the same thing. In fact, 84% of Americans overwhelmingly support improving failing public schools over closing them. So how can your school keep student enrollments and better meet the needs of a changing student population?

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Top 10 EdTech Conferences in 2017

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Interested in growing your knowledge, skills, and network as an educator or administrator? Conferences are a great way to do all three of those in just a few days. EdTech conferences are taking place all over the country, and some are attended by more than 10,000 people! Explore a new city, while also gaining skills, learning about the latest innovations and practices in edtech, and connecting with other educators to share ideas. And conference attendees can share what they’ve learned with other educators in their school and district.

There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to attend a conference that works for you. Here are our top 10 recommended edtech conferences for 2017.

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Top New Books for Educators in 2017

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Happy New Year! Now that most schools are back in session after the winter break, we’re here to help you get back into the swing of things with our regular recommendations for the top new books for educators. This time around, we’re featuring a couple books that were already published in January, as well as new releases coming at the end of the month and in February. Hurray for kicking off 2017 and the final semester of the 2016-2017 school year in style!

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Teaching with Crossword Puzzles

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On this day in 1913, the first known crossword puzzle was published in an edition of the New York World newspaper. Its inventor, journalist Arthur Wynne, called it a “Word-Cross Puzzle.” The title was accidentally flipped a few weeks later due to a typesetting error, but it ended up sticking! Check out Wynne’s very first Word-Cross Puzzle here. (Can you solve it?)

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How Did We Vote? State Education Results from the 2016 Election

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Many major decisions were made in the 2016 election on November 8th—most of which, we are all well aware of. However, unless you paid close attention to other states’ local results, you may have missed what’s to come for the future of education. On National Voter Registration Day, September 27th, we published an article summarizing the 2016 ballot measures that focused on K-12 education issues. Here are those results.

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