Happy American Education Week! This week honors the dedication of teachers, administrators, and support staff who contribute to students’ academic growth; and reminds us of our commitment to quality education for every student.

National Education Association (NEA) President Lilly Eskelsen García said, “American Education Week serves as a tribute to the team of people who work with our students, everyone from the classroom teacher and the bus driver to the cafeteria worker and the administration staff—plus countless others,” and “This week is a great time to say thank you to school employees who work in and out of the classroom.”

In that spirit, the Where Learning Clicks team would like to spotlight some of the educators who inspired us and made our learning click.

Mr. McMahon was my ninth grade language arts teacher – he had a gift for making literature come to life. I was lucky enough to take a class again with him in twelfth grade and have him as my debate coach throughout high school. There are just those teachers who inspire you to push yourself to new levels of success…and Mr. McMahon was one of them!” – Jennifer

I want to thank my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Loose, for how committed and involved he was with us as a whole classroom. There was never one kid that felt overlooked or that they were not good enough. If you were in the classroom he was constantly showing you he cared.  I guess I have him to thank for my obsession with Hot Cheetos and Reese’s. Hard work does pay off, kids! ” – Maureen

I want to thank Mr. Cox, my eleventh grade English teacher, whose love of literature was contagious. His class not only helped me build my writing, critical thinking, and discussion skills but opened my mind to ideas about humanity that I had never considered before. I left his class a more open-minded, empathetic, and caring person.” – Elisabeth

I had the same math teacher, Mr. Robertson, for all six semesters of high school. One year when I was really struggling with understanding the finer concepts of Geometry, I asked him, ‘Mr. Robertson, why do we have to learn all this stuff anyway? It’s not like we’re ever going to use all of this information in real, everyday life?’ He replied, ‘Hold that thought.’ The next day, he came back and delivered to me a personal, four page typewritten document (no MS Word back then) and said, ‘This is your answer.’ In a nutshell, what he wrote was that if you take the time to use your brain and figure out complicated math problems now, even though they may not have any immediate practical application, you are training yourself to think and use the same reason and logic that will help you later on when you have far more complex life problems to solve. I never, ever forgot that valuable lesson, and from then on I did my best to always get an ‘A’ in his class. To this day, I teach my offspring the same thing. So thank you Mr. Robertson, for taking the extra time and patience to teach me something that literally changed my life!”  – Jayme

Any student who has ever been in Mrs. Beutner’s classroom knows that they were in the presence of a true teacher. Not just a teacher who shows up because it’s her job, but a teacher who shows up because she passionately loves what she does and cares deeply about every student on an individual level. She was the first person to recognize and encourage my writing, and she never stopped believing in me. Even as a third grader, I could tell just how lucky I was to have her as my teacher!” – Ashleigh

I would like to thank Ms. Stoffers, my ninth, eleventh, and twelfth grade math teacher. She recognized my potential from the beginning and encouraged me to strive for more. Ms. Stoffers saw that I was bored throughout my freshman year of algebra and asked me to enter the honors class for geometry the following year. And by ‘asked,’ I mean physically wrote in my application for me! She was more than just ‘the teacher that taught me algebra’… she was the individual that truly cared about my education, success, and interests on a personal level. Thank you so much, Ms. Stoffers.” – Skylar

To show your appreciation, say thank you to an educator and let them know how their efforts make a difference in your life!

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