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Celebrate Teachers This Teacher Appreciation Month!

Teacher Appreciation Month banner

As testing season ends and the close of the school year approaches, it can be easy to forget to show teachers appreciation and gratitude for everything they do. That’s why May is Teacher Appreciation Month! Throughout the month, students, parents, schools, and districts across the country will be working hard to show teachers just how appreciated and important they are.

There are many different ways to do this, both big and small. If you’re looking for ideas, we have some suggestions for you:

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Why Summer Is a Great Time for Professional Development

Equation on chalkboard for summer professional development

The conventional thought is that teachers work hard during the school year and once the kiddos leave the building on that last day of school, their work is done. This could not be further from the truth. If you are an educator, you know that your professional development hours continue into the summer months, and with good reason.

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5 Unique Ways to Keep Math Skills Sharp During the Summer

Math skills with ruler, protractor, and pencils

Math is a tool used to interact with the world around us. It helps us predict what we will see, analyze what we have seen, and create things others have never seen. Regardless of what summer activities students enjoy, their level of math competency, or their comfort in the subject, there are many opportunities for students to practice their skills. Read More

Student Ownership within Blended Learning

Listen to teacher Brenda Mejia as she relates her experiences with a blended classroom. Her students were able to take ownership of their own education and reach their academic goals. Brenda’s students were eager monitor their own progress and move at their own pace.