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One School’s Success with Data-Driven Instruction

Claude Elementary School outside of Amarillo, Texas enrolls approximately 160 students in grades pre-K to 5. In the 2016–2017 school year, Edgenuity® helped administrators and teachers evaluate the growth of students enrolled in Pathblazer® compared to student growth from a normative sample. In short, the students grew significantly on the NWEA MAP® Growth assessments between the fall and spring semesters. Almost two-thirds of students met or exceeded national normative growth in reading and nearly three-quarters met or exceeded normative growth in math. So, how exactly did they accomplish this?

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Success with Virtual Learning in Alternative Schools

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New data from the National Center for Education Statistics shows that the 2015–16 graduation rate is nearly a point higher than the prior year’s of 83.2 percent. Obviously, there are many factors behind this great success, and one of them is the rise of virtual learning in alternative schools. Blended and virtual learning providers can partner with alternative schools, like Louisiana’s JCFA, to bring education into the hands of underserved populations like the overage and under-credited, as well as high school dropouts. We recently chatted with Erich Hein and Ashley Mills of JCFA to discuss how their educational model works and learn more about its impact on student success.

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Design the Best Online Learning Program You Can (With a Little Help)

Online and blended learning can be implemented in countless ways, so how can you best figure out how to do it successfully? Drawing inspiration from other schools or districts that have built some of the best online learning programs is one easy way to get started. Below are the stories of 5 students, schools, and districts who have found success with their particular implementation.

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One District’s Success with Virtual Summer School

Summer school offers students the opportunity to recover credits or get back on track, while others use this time to take advanced courses or pursue a second foreign language or other electives. But figuring out how to staff and pay for your program while giving students the flexibility to take courses from home can be difficult. Jeffrey Rothenberger, Program Administrator for the Montgomery Virtual Program in Pennsylvania, shares how the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit offers summer school options for students across the state.

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One District’s Success Establishing a Virtual School

Flexibility is important to modern students and families, and establishing a virtual school can help you provide quality curriculum while giving students a less rigid learning environment. But figuring out how to start one can be intimidating. When built using the right curriculum, virtual schools can help districts recapture lost students from competing charter schools, other virtual programs, or even home schooling. Jarret Coutee, Program Administrator at Lafayette Online Academy in Louisiana, shares how the district expanded from a blended learning program into a full-fledged virtual program that better serves all students.

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