Author - Sasha Wordlaw

Top New Books for Educators: See What’s Coming in March!

Each month, hundreds of new books for educators are released, so finding the best ones can be difficult. To better help you, your students, and your coworkers, we’ve put together a list of the top new books for educators that will be available in March. Covering such topics as utilizing effective blended learning methods, optimizing student learning in science, and revisiting reading strategies for better student instruction, these books are full of great information to help you better serve your students and do your job. Check out what we picked for you this month!

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Digital Learning Day 2018: Celebrating Successes While Advocating for Accessibility

On Thursday, the seventh annual celebration of Digital Learning Day will give students and educators an opportunity to express how technology improves their lives. Created by the Alliance for Excellent Education in 2012, Digital Learning Day takes place each year to help us recognize how technology can improve student outcomes. While Digital Learning Day is essentially every day, on February 22nd, students and educators will have the chance to flex their tech muscles by showcasing new elearning methods and sharing digital resources and practices that are beneficial to student learning.

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