Author - Lizzy Torres

Virtual Learning and School Choice

With school choice on the horizon, many schools are wondering what they can do to keep student enrollments and stay competitive in a changing educational landscape.

Today’s students face far more obligations than just their classes; students work, support their families, and fulfill other responsibilities. Charter schools use virtual learning to offer students more flexibility and control over their learning than the traditional brick-and-mortar setting. But that doesn’t mean traditional public schools can’t offer the same thing. In fact, 84% of Americans overwhelmingly support improving failing public schools over closing them. So how can your school keep student enrollments and better meet the needs of a changing student population?

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Blended Learning Models in Action: East Pennsboro School District

Using blended learning models to personalize learning

The educators at East Pennsboro School District in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, were facing a challenge common to most school districts. They were trying to figure out how to personalize education for a diverse group of students at different learning levels.

After researching many blended learning models, they decided to use online curriculum to create a personalized learning environment that helps students achieve academic success. Hear them share the research they did to develop the program, how they utilized teacher input, and how their students are performing now.

Hear from East Pennsboro’s administrators, teachers, and students:


Why Do Students Drop Out?

Frustrated student ready to drop out of school

Even though high school completion rates have been on the rise, dropout rates are still alarmingly high. Each year over one million students drop out of high school in the United States, and around 2,000 high schools graduate less than 60% of their students. But new studies have provided some insight on the reasons students drop out of high school. Click the slideshow below to see the reasons students gave for dropping out and what might have prevented it.
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Using Brain-Based Learning Strategies in Your Classroom

Brain-based learning strategies in the classroom

If you want to understand the most effective teaching methods, you need to understand how a student’s mind processes information. Basing how and what you teach on brain-based learning principals, rather than established learning conventions and assumptions, can improve and accelerate learning.

Find out more on how to use brain-based learning strategies in your classroom to optimize student success.