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What’s Up With… Technology-Enhanced Items? [Animation]

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Where Learning Clicks explores the myriad of terms, phrases, concepts, and jargon of the edtech landscape.

Enjoy our animation to find out… What’s Up With Technology-Enhanced Items?

Animations by Skylar Mowery.

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Celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day by Learning about STEM Education!

STEM integration on graphing paper

Today, November 8th is National STEM/STEAM Day, as declared by the show Project Mc2. With so much of teachers’ focus on reading and ELA instruction, science (as well as technology, engineering, the arts, and math) sometimes doesn’t get the time and attention it should in today’s classrooms, even though these subjects overlap. And with demand for workers in STEM fields growing fast, it’s never been more important for students to leave school prepared to work in these fields. National STEM/STEAM Day is here to help with that!

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Top New Books for Educators: See What’s Coming in November

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Here are some of the top new books for educators being released in November:

Connected Librarians book cover

Connected Librarians: Tap Social Media to Enhance Professional Development and Student Learning
Nikki Robertson

Once taboo in schools, the use of social media has become essential, providing schools with opportunities for outreach, advocacy and more. Today, it’s often the responsibility of librarians to model the proper use of social media for students.

Connected Librarians: Tap Social Media to Enhance Professional Development and Student Learning offers insights into the opportunities and obstacles of this exciting but sometimes challenging topic, including practical ideas for making the most of social media in your school library.

This informative guide is the professional development librarians need to understand how to effectively use social media to improve student learning.

This book will:

  • Demonstrate how to model responsible social media use to manage issues of privacy and anonymity within social media sites and apps.
  • Provide tips on teaching digital citizenship, such as using a learning management system to create a safe environment for students to hone digital communication skills.
  • Show how to leverage social media tools to encourage reading and writing through rating and reviewing books, creating fan fiction and more.
  • Demonstrate how to use social media as a powerful tool to build your own professional learning network.

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Top New Books for Educators: See What’s Coming in October

Here are some of the top new books for educators being released in October:

Using Digital Humanities book cover

Using Digital Humanities in the Classroom: A Practical Introduction for Teachers, Lecturers, and Students
Claire Battershill, Shawna Ross

Rooted in the day-to-day experience of teaching and written for those without specialist technical knowledge, this book is the first practical guide to using digital tools and resources in the humanities classroom.

Using Digital Humanities in the Classroom covers such topics as:

  • Overcoming resistance to technology – your own, your colleagues’ and your students’
  • Finding, evaluating and using digital resources
  • Designing syllabi and planning classroom activities and assignments
  • Solving problems when technology goes wrong
  • Using digital tools for collaborative projects, course work and theses
  • Enhancing your teaching by finding support communities and connecting to your research

Taking a step-by-step approach to incorporating digital humanities tools into your teaching, the book is also supported by a companion website, including tutorials, sample classroom activity prompts and assignments, and a bibliographic essay for each book chapter.

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Celebrate Literacy During Banned Books Week!

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This week marks the American Library Association’s 35th annual Banned Books Week, with the theme of “Words Have Power. Read a Banned Book.” Each year, the ALA releases a list of the year’s most challenged books, while also highlighting the history of challenging and banning books throughout the United States. Though this practice is not as prevalent as it once was, nearly 11,000 challenges are reported to the ALA each year, and it’s estimated that between 82% and 97% of book challenges go unreported each year.

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