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Brighten Up Testing Season By Celebrating These 3 Math Holidays!

With testing season in full swing, lots of classrooms around the country are full of students and teachers working hard to ensure success on the tests. For many, this means missing out on some of the fun of learning (and teaching!). And during March, a month that is home to several different math holidays, that can be particularly unfortunate as it could mean many students don’t get the chance to enjoy delicious pie or be inspired by women pioneers in mathematics. So read on to learn why you should take a few minutes to recognize some of these fun and interesting math holidays in March! Read More

Top New Books for Educators: See What’s Coming in February!

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Each month, hundreds of new books for educators are released, so finding the best ones can be difficult. To better help you, your students, and your coworkers, we’ve put together a list of the top new books for educators that will be available in February. Covering such topics as how to keep dedicated and caring teachers happy in the classroom, guidance counseling for some of our youngest students, and how you can incorporate digital role-playing games into your classroom teaching, these books are full of great information to help you better serve your students and do your job. Check out what we picked for you this month!

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Top New Books for Educators: See What’s Coming in January

Here are some of the top new books for educators being released in January:

School-Based Observation: A Practical Guide to Assessing Student Behavior
Amy M. Briesch,‎ Robert J. Volpe,‎ Randy G. Floyd

Widely used to assess social–emotional and behavioral referral concerns in grades PreK–12, systematic direct observation is an essential skill for school psychologists and other educators. This accessible book helps practitioners conduct reliable, accurate observations using the best available tools. Chapters present effective coding systems for assessing student classroom behavior, the classroom environment, behavior in non-classroom settings, and behavior in a functional assessment context; also provided are guidelines for developing new codes when an appropriate one does not already exist. Procedures for summarizing, graphing, and interpreting data for different assessment purposes are detailed. In a large-size format with lay-flat binding for easy photocopying, the book includes 13 reproducible coding forms. Purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials.


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Top New Books for Educators: See What’s Coming in December

Here are some of the top new books for educators being released in December:


The Principal′s Guide to School Budgeting, 3rd Edition
Richard D. Sorenson, Lloyd M. Goldsmith 

Create winning budgets aligned with today’s fiscal and academic realities

Developing budgets that meet changing economic constraints and instructional expectations is a challenge. The Principal’s Guide to School Budgeting is for administrators who want to enhance their instructional, technical, and managerial skills not only as school leaders but also as visionaries, planning coordinators, and budgeting managers. While retaining the features that made the first two editions bestsellers, this third edition incorporates the new Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL), up-to-date statistics related to budgeting during lean times, and information about budgeting for technology enhancements and to meet new state and federal standards. Readers will find

  • a budgeting checklist and templates
  • standards-oriented scenarios
  • case study applications and questions
  • experiential activities
  • a glossary of terms

Showcasing real school finance scenarios, this guide will help administrators plan a successful budget, monitor funds, evaluate budget reports, and prepare action plans that keep students achieving during challenging times.

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