Author - Emily Kirk

Happy Pythagorean Theorem Day!

It’s finally here, the day you’ve been waiting for! A day when you can celebrate a beautiful theorem discovered nearly 2500 years ago. Better make good use of 8/15/17 because another Pythagorean Theorem Day won’t come around for over three years (look out for 12/16/20). Read on to learn more about the man, the theorem, and how to celebrate!

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Blended Learning Questions: Your Top 5 Concerns Addressed

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If you are considering starting or expanding a blended learning program, there are some real obstacles you will need to overcome. Convincing stakeholders to commit to the program, finding funding, and setting up your infrastructure are all major steps before you even design your implementation. Here we’ve identified the top five blended learning questions and provided some suggestions to consider when planning for and implementing your program.
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Attention and Focus in the Classroom: What Can We Learn from Fidget Spinners?

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“They’re disruptive and annoying.”

“I would never let my child have one.”

“If I see one in the classroom, I consider it a donation.”

Teachers certainly have a lot to say about the newest craze sweeping through classrooms across the country. Fidget spinners, handheld devices that use weighted ball bearings to spin, have quickly morphed from a learning tool designed for children with ADHD or autism into a toy plaguing teachers. Articles and anecdotal research have shown that, for the general population, these gadgets prove more distraction than asset. However, their prevalence in schools can lead us to think about bigger issues on attention and focus in the classroom.

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