Author - Emily Kirk

American Education Week 2017: What Are We Doing Well? [Infographic]

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Each year, American Education Week provides an opportunity to celebrate public education and honor the teachers, administrators, and educational professionals who are making a difference. Since the first observance in 1921, the National Education Association, American Legion, US Office of Education, and PTA join together with other partners to emphasize the importance of public schools and to support public education. Though there will always be room for improvement, there are many things being done well in US public education. This week helps us to remember those things, while also considering how we can expand on them to continue providing quality education to millions of students.

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One District’s Success with Personalized Learning

Teacher helping students on laptop in blended learning classroom

With 32 years of experience at the Burlington Area School District in Wisconsin, Assistant Superintendent Connie Zinnen has seen education revolutionize the term personalized learning. Her district strove to differentiate learning for every K–12 student, and technology enabled her to do that. How did Burlington achieve incredible results on the NWEA MAP® Growth exam over the last 5 years? Superintendent Zinnen tells her district’s story here and focuses on their success with personalized learning.

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5 Questions Answered: How Can Parents Help with Online Learning Success?

As online learning becomes more prevalent in schools, more and more students are completing some of their coursework online. Some states even require students to take at least one online class to meet graduation requirements. While technology is the way of the future, many parents may feel uncomfortable with the unknown aspects of the virtual learning process. To ease some of that stress, we address five of the most common questions parents have about online or virtual learning, and provide strategies for parents to help with online learning success.

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Happy Pythagorean Theorem Day!

It’s finally here, the day you’ve been waiting for! A day when you can celebrate a beautiful theorem discovered nearly 2500 years ago. Better make good use of 8/15/17 because another Pythagorean Theorem Day won’t come around for over three years (look out for 12/16/20). Read on to learn more about the man, the theorem, and how to celebrate!

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Blended Learning Questions: Your Top 5 Concerns Addressed

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If you are considering starting or expanding a blended learning program, there are some real obstacles you will need to overcome. Convincing stakeholders to commit to the program, finding funding, and setting up your infrastructure are all major steps before you even design your implementation. Here we’ve identified the top five blended learning questions and provided some suggestions to consider when planning for and implementing your program.
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