Author - Ashleigh Lutz

How Can Parents Help Prevent Summer Slide?

We’re in the homestretch of the 2017–2018 school year, and we’re sure you’re just as excited for summer break as your students are. But with vacation, no school, and sleeping in right around the corner, summer slide is gearing up to flaunt its ugly head, too. Summer slide, or the learning loss many students experience during summer break, disproportionately affects low-income students. At best, students learn little or nothing during long breaks from school, but at worst, they can lose many weeks of learning from the school year. Offering resources and tips to parents and guardians to help their students keep learning over the summer can help prevent the summer slide.

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Flexible Learning Solutions for Student Athletes

Many students who participate in competitive sports struggle to find a balance between athletics and academics. With the educational technology available today, districts and schools across the nation are able to do more to help student athletes find that balance by giving them options that fit into their busy schedules. One way schools are challenging students academically and allowing them to pursue their athletic dreams is by offering flexible learning solutions for student athletes. Here, we’ll explore the correlation between participation in sports and academics, and share a video about how one school is using online courses to help student athletes get the most out of their education.

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Make Learning Easier with These Graphic Design Tips for Teachers

Everyone tells you not to judge a book by its cover but we often do so anyway, even if we’re not aware that we’re doing it. There’s something about good graphic design that naturally attracts the eye, holds the reader’s attention, and increases comprehension. So when you’re creating resources, assignments, presentations, and assessments for your students, it’s important to be mindful of graphic design. We’re not suggesting that you need to spend hours creating intricate, sophisticated works of art, but there are elements of design that would be good to keep in mind to help your students as they learn. We’ve put together these graphic design tips for teachers to ease the learning process and help you ensure your students are understanding the material.

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Incorporating Imagination into Learning

Incorporating Imagination into Learning article banner

The other week, as I sat on the couch browsing Netflix, my five-year-old nephew placed colorful building blocks on the coffee table where I rested my feet. I asked him what he was building, and he said “a concert and a school.” After I praised his industrious architecture and asked what he planned to build next, I could see the creative gears spinning behind his eyes, ‘What am I going to build next?’ (Spoiler alert—he moved on to playing his plastic blue guitar.)

While listening to his boisterous, haphazard melodies, I continued scanning Netflix for something interesting and eventually stumbled upon ABC Studios’ fantasy drama series Once Upon a Time. Over the span of seven seasons, the show follows the stories of several fairy-tale characters who were transported to the real world and robbed of their original memories after being cursed by an evil queen. I can only imagine the amount of creativity and imagination that went into creating such a show where familiar characters are strategically tossed into completely unfamiliar settings and stories. I’d love to be a fly on the wall (or active contributor!) in that writers’ room.

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The Value in Taking Electives

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Before students even reach senior year, there’s a lot of pressure to choose a career path or college major and have everything planned out by the time they graduate high school. As most people know from experience, this is oftentimes much easier said than done. Personally, I know more than a handful of 50+ year olds who are still trying to figure out what they want to do when they grow up. And I only figured out in the last couple of years what exactly I wanted to do (and who knows, that could change again in another few years!).

That’s why I’ve always seen a significant amount of value in taking electives. Thanks to the many I was able to explore in school, I had an easier time narrowing down the overwhelming number of potential career pathways that beckoned me upon graduation. At the middle and high school levels especially, electives are crucial to helping students discover their passions, weed out the subjects they’re not that interested in, and get the most out of their time in school.

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