Engage Students During (and After) National Game and Puzzle Week [Downloads]

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Between traveling (or hosting), cooking (then cleaning), Black Friday shopping, and keeping track of kids who are out of school for two extra days, the week of Thanksgiving tends to be a hectic one for most families. After all is said and done, it’s very tempting to sink into the couch and just let your eyes glaze over, so it’s no surprise that America’s annual “National Game and Puzzle Week” falls on the same week as Thanksgiving every year. As families gather, National Game and Puzzle Week encourages them to sit down together, play some games, and enjoy one another’s company.

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American Education Week 2017: What Are We Doing Well? [Infographic]

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Each year, American Education Week provides an opportunity to celebrate public education and honor the teachers, administrators, and educational professionals who are making a difference. Since the first observance in 1921, the National Education Association, American Legion, US Office of Education, and PTA join together with other partners to emphasize the importance of public schools and to support public education. Though there will always be room for improvement, there are many things being done well in US public education. This week helps us to remember those things, while also considering how we can expand on them to continue providing quality education to millions of students.

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Phonics Really Did Work For Me: How Early Reading Intervention Changed My Life

Some people have hazy memories of their elementary school days, and others have early memories seared into their brains, hills and valleys on the topography of their lives.

I encountered one such valley in 1991. I sat in my parents’ bedroom reading aloud to them from one of my first grade schoolbooks. I was so proud to demonstrate my new skills, eagerly anticipating their admiration and praise. There were only a few lines of text per page; colorful drawings dominated each spread of the little hardback book.

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What’s Up With… Technology-Enhanced Items? [Animation]

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Where Learning Clicks explores the myriad of terms, phrases, concepts, and jargon of the edtech landscape.

Enjoy our animation to find out… What’s Up With Technology-Enhanced Items?

Animations by Skylar Mowery.

If you’d like to learn more about incorporating practice with TEIs in your classrooms, check out UpSmart®, Edgenuity’s® newest product that helps all students master standards so they can excel on high-stakes exams.

Celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day by Learning about STEM Education!

STEM integration on graphing paper

Today, November 8th is National STEM/STEAM Day, as declared by the show Project Mc2. With so much of teachers’ focus on reading and ELA instruction, science (as well as technology, engineering, the arts, and math) sometimes doesn’t get the time and attention it should in today’s classrooms, even though these subjects overlap. And with demand for workers in STEM fields growing fast, it’s never been more important for students to leave school prepared to work in these fields. National STEM/STEAM Day is here to help with that!

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