How to Provide Effective Feedback and Improve the Learning Experience

Teacher giving student effective feedback

Everyone loves receiving positive feedback, but in most cases, “Great job!” just isn’t substantial enough. In the classroom, a solo letter grade or generic two-word comment simply do not provide students with much insight into their work. With more technical mathematic and scientific assignments, the feedback may have to be generic because there is likely only one correct answer. But students tend to need more with assignments that require critical thinking and creativity. The learning experience for both teachers and students benefits greatly when teachers implement specific, constructive feedback about what a student has done well (and not well).

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What Is High-Stakes Testing and How Can You Help Students Prepare? [Infographic]

Teacher thinking about high-stakes testing

In the past five years, with the implementation of much educational reform, high-stakes testing is likely a term that educators hear about quite often. What is high-stakes testing? The name may be self-explanatory in that the stakes for these tests are particularly high. That much is true; however, high-stakes testing can determine the outcomes of teachers, students, the school district, and quite possibly the community as a whole.

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Top New Books for Educators: Check out These September Releases


Here are some of September’s top new books for educators:


Top New Books for Educators: Building a Learning Culture in America

Building a Learning Culture in America
Kevin P. Chavous

Building a Learning Culture in America takes an incisive, no-holds-barred look at how America embraced and cultivated a culture of learning in the past, how that culture declined in the sixties and seventies, and what must be done to regain it. From political gridlock to systemic discrimination, Chavous details the many ways education today is off track, and cites specific examples of what Americans might do to reform it.

Part memoir and part manifesto, this is a frank, fascinating, and personal account of Chavous’ experience as a politician working to enact school choice in Washington, DC, and throughout the United States. During the course of his political career, he has seen political skirmishes and party scuffles interfere with the United States’ ability to improve its educational system. These conflicts did not cause the problem; they were merely a result. The true problem was more basic: the decline of America’s learning culture.

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How to Create Relevant, Compelling Online and Blended Learning Assignments


Tests and quizzes are a common tool for assessing what students have learned, but relevant and compelling assignments can offer similar insights and allow students more opportunities to explore their creativity and the subject at hand. In online and blended learning classrooms, effective assignments can hold an even more significant weight, as test results may not always provide a true assessment of a student’s comprehension.

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Back to School with Blended Learning: How Administrators Can Prepare


Although it happens every year, going back to school doesn’t seem to get any easier. You’re coming off of vacation mode, booting back up to face colleagues and students, and nowadays, learning about new technological advances in the education market. A big part of the way that technology is incorporated is through blended learning classroom models, which combine face-to-face learning, hands-on activities, and online instruction. It is just as important to plan for back to school in the online and blended learning setting as it is to plan for the traditional setting. So as an administrator, how can you prepare for the best back-to-school season in your blended learning classrooms?

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